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Le Dr. Murzeau

It is dedicated to researchs concerning the improvement and cure of cancers and degenerative deseases by the mean of pulsed electromagnetic fields.

You can find there good informations about cure of cancers and others incurable deseases by mean of pulsed electric fields since 70 years. You can also find a short biography of pioneers of this methods : A. Priore, G. Lakhovsky.

More than 15 years of investigations and experiments in an independant laboratory allows to Dr. MURZEAU and collaborators of Bordeaux University to understand the mechanism of such extraordinary apparatus. Dr. MURZEAU gives the result of is work and the principles for realisation of simplified and cheap prototypes.

This site is dedicated to Antoine PRIORE, to his fantastic experiences he led during 25 years (1950-1975).

The appliances, that he conceived and used, emit a powerful electromagnetic field to irradiate the sick organism. The characteristics of this field, its modulations (the main element) are known only by him.

ARTEC Laboratory

In this way he achieved the total curing which is also definitive and systematic for all tumours of animals.

In collaboration with several physicians and scientist of very high level, he established that his results are in proportion of the power of the field: systematically good for rats and mice, worse for bigger animals (rabbit, cat, dog), which requires a longer irradiation to sterilise the tumour.

Human beings : numerous attempts were carried out, often on patients considered as incurables by classical treatments.

These « attempts of compassion », were realized after the request of the patients, of the physicians in attendance, of the professors of the Faculty of Medicine. They all showed a spectacular improvement of the condemned patients, as well as a systematic regression of their tumour and sometimes the disappearance of it! (These observations were dealt with in medical reports).

The inconsistency of the results on human beings is due to the insufficient power of appliances because the organism must be totally immersed in the radiation and we can understand that what is enough to cure a rat is not to treat a man.

In fact, several experiences with a perfectly correct procedure, conducted mainly by Pr Pautrizel (Faculty of Bordeaux) and his collaborators, showed irrefutably that the action is indirect, acts partly on the tumour (apoptosis) but especially by an extraordinary stimulation of the immune system that is spread in the whole body.

(We have to mention that it is possible to collapse the immune system with an equal power by changing certain characteristics of the radiation).

Priore showed this duality of the effects in a set of experiments (see chapter moreover).

The immense problem of Priore (who established the basis of his discoveries from 1950) was the construction of appliances with releasing a considerable power, capable of treating human beings while preserving the control.

This struggle to reveal nothing, the wish to manage this enormous technical challenge -for his time- alone was the main cause of the failure in the recognition and the diffusion of his fantastic discovery.

After his death in 1983, several laboratories-including some prestigious one as the School of Physics-Chemistry of the Faculty of Science in Bordeaux actively sustained by the Regional Council of Aquitaine, EDF, Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, national research department, etc… – tried to find the results of Priore… Without any success.

Hope came from somewhere else…

There, we have applied a different methodology since 1985.

Investigating of witnesses, close friends, patients, physicians, gathering together the majority of the experimental data, dr Murzeau and collaborators made a huge and well documented file, specially of the first successful results -which require a more rudimentary material. This work lead on to the realization of appliances and the aim is the demonstration and understanding of the “Priore double effect”.

Applying the principles of Priore, such as he formulated them, even though their scientific basis is very debatable, we obtained excellent results on the lymphomas of mice (cancer of the immune system).

We are in a position to propose a set of experiences using a simplified material of our conception, in order to validate this ”double effect”. This material is conceived by following the hidden principles of Priore, common to all his appliances.

These principles-simple in their terms but very delicate in putting them into practice- are developed in this site.

Faraday s’ cabin and apparatus for control of pulsed electric and magnetic fields

inside the cage of expériences

Priore’s Laboratory in 60’s

Between 1950 and 1975, thousands of animals were treated and cured of their incurables cancer.

Here were managed these extraordinary expériments in direct collaboration with some of the best professors of the anticancerous center, the Faculty of Medecine of Bordeaux, and many members of the French Académy of Sciences. Several NOBEL PRICES have managed splendid experiments.